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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 11, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline" -- >> tonight, more americans than ever watch it. so why does the porn industry seem to be on the verge of collapse. >> everything that i have ever shot, all the scenes are for free now. >> we follow one mysterious company. these stars are afraid to discuss. >> i can't talk about that company. >> i don't want to say anything. i don't want them to ban me. >> is this the end of porn? >> plus, they drink, they smoke, they flirt. >> i beg your pardon. >> answer diane. >> tonight abc's diane sawyer goes face to face with the cast of "mad men" for an exclusive inside look at the final season. and an ancient document begs
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a modern question -- was jesus married? but first, the "nightline" top five which starts right now. >> 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know bad news doesn't always travel fast? >> hi, mr. tomkins. you're fired. well, have got to run.
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good evening. tonight, we are taking you inside the business of
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pornography. hollywood's x rated cousin is a $12 billion american industry. but some say one company, shrouded in mystery is now threatening to run it into the ground. just as the music and movie businesses face the consequences of piracy, many porn stars now say they're struggling to survive. here is abc's cecelia vega. >> wow. >> reporter: if there is one thing porn stars are known for. it is being comfortable on camera. except apparently when it comes to talking about one mysterious company. >> i can't talk about that part. >> yeah. i can't really say anything. i don't want them to ban me. >> the company, mine geek. behind this website is a powerful and controversial force up ending the $12 billion porn industry. it owns some of the most visited porn sites in the world. though its business is online sex some say it is helping kill the industry. >> it just makes me question
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whether what i am doing is even worth it. >> meet 25-year-old tasha rain, one of the busiest performers in the adult entertainment business. a one woman production company. >> i hired a makeup artist, director, rent a location, brought my wardrobe. >> reporter: more people are watching her videos than ever. >> my full video. >> reporter: just one problem. they're watching for free. >> everything that i have ever shot can all be seen for free now. >> reporter: annest mated 40 million americans regularly look at online porn. and these days their appetite fed by free sites, with porn hub, youporn, red tube. known as tube sites. >> what is a tube site? >> think of youtube with naked people. >> reporter: like youtube, users can upload and share videos instead of cat and music, it is
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hard core pornography, much of it pirated. thanks to tube sites, porn has never been more accessible to anyone with a computer. an that should worry parents. is one of the effects of awful this free online porn the fact that anybody could get it in clueding children? >> there is no barrier of entry. no age verification. you:00 click on. get on. larger and larger every year. more and more content is free online. >> even as the popularity of porn increases, the industry is collapsing. >> you have to bring matching bra and panties. >> to see how things have changed. we muet up with two performers before their shoot for a studio called girlfriend films. >> anything you put on right now will be housewivy that's the character you are playing. >> reporter: at first they seem cheerful. >> i don't think you are the housewife. that's the character you are playing. >> fair enough. wear what i am wearing. >> i will admit it took a while
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for me to get used to being on a porn set. >> if i could be naked all the time i would be. >> reporter: you are totally comfortable. doesn't phase you. you didn't realize you did it. she took her pants off. we are talking. >> if i could be naked all the time. i would be. >> reporter: the actresses upbeat attitude dissipate when we talk about the state of the industry. >> the smaller studios are getting shut down. the larger studios are shooting less. paying less. affecting all of us. >> definitely. >> get her in the corner. >> reporter: jenna some times goes weeks without getting work and she blames piracy. >> it bothers me only because i work so hard to produce the content that i do produce. and you just turn around and it's out the window. >> reporter: not if nate glass has anything to do with it. >> when a studio content has been uploaded to the internet without their permission, i go out. find it. gets it taken down.
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>> reporter: porn piracy police? >> kind of, yeah, yeah. >> reporter: the founder of take down piracy. he has declared war on the tube sites. >> i don't think i am necessarily standing up for the rights of pornographers. i am standing up for the same rights you or any one else has. >> reporter: he represents the biggest porn studios and most of its top performers. >> extremely upsetting. >> reporter: performers like tasha rain, when she find a pirated clip. she tells glass. >> i will copy this. and e-mail nate and ask him to report it. who then send a legally binding notice. in this case to pornhub. demanding they take down the clip. >> reporter: you send e-mails to porn hub on a daily basis. >> in total, not just porn hub, we have taken down 26 million and change. >> is there one thing, one person, one company to blame? >> i think you could put a lot of the blame on mind geek. >> reporter: that innocuous looking company has quietly become one of the most powerful
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forces in the industry. it owns at least six of the top ten most popular tube sites in the world. over 80 million visitors a day. porn hub alone, gets more daily visits than netflix. >> if you looked at it from outside these guys don't look like really good guys. >> reporter: though mind geek is legally in the clear because the it is the users posting the clips. and mind geek does take down pirated clips when asked. still glass says the company is a scourge on the industry. >> i don't believe if you create something somebody else should be able to take it, make money off of it and give you nothing. i think that is a concept everybody should be on board with. that's not a pornographer's concept. that its a decent, human basic right concept. >> almost no one else in the business wanted to speak about mind geek. not the company itself. not the performer's we met. >> i can't talk about that part. >> i can't really say anything.
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i dent waon't want them to ban . >> here is the kicker. after making a fortune, mind geek went on one of the biggest buying sprees, snapping up two of the top studios. and that means lots of performers including alia now work for mind geek. >> some people have asked me why i am being a hypocrite and working for them? as a performer, boycotting the companies is not going to take any time, money or anything away from them. because if i say no, there is 100 other blonds willing to do it. >> reporter: even tasha rain one of the most outspoken voils voi against piracy, admits she too works for mind geek. >> stuck between a rock and hard place in a way. if i want to shoot content i kind of have to shoot for them. that's the company that books me. they own almost everything. >> reporter: for now everybody in industry accepts newt reality of porn. it is unlikely any one will come to its rescue.
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>> i think the irony that the industry which for 50 years fought the government on obscenity wished the government would get interested in this and try to shut down some of these tube sites. >> the likelihood of the government coming in and doing that, fighting piracy on behalf of the porn industry is what? >> 0. >> okay. if you see anything, please let me know. i always leave something. back on the set with rain. despite the challenges she still wants to stay in the business. focussing on new ways to earn a living. stripping, store appearances, even creating a loine of sex toys. and there is something everyone in this industry feels certain about. >> hi, mrs. lewis. >> reporter: one way or another, sex will always sell. cecelia vega in los angeles. up next with the final season of "mad men" looming abc's diane sawyer sits down exclusively with the cast when they confess what they're dying to steal from the set.
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he cast a swangy shadow over the madison avenue of the 1960s. now don draper the dashing leading man of "mad men" is about to lay bare the dark secret of his tortured soul. if you lived through the '60s, or not, the decade is defined by the show. after six seasons the dapper cast is preparing to go out in typical style. abc's diane sawyer gathered them for an exclusive send-off. don draper, glamorous,
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confident, smooth, embodiment of the 1960s ad executive, the world of "mad men." when we last saw him he was anything but his carefully constructed facade crumbling. >> excuse me, hey. i shouldn't be in here. >> reporter: he had been forced to take leave from the agency he helped build. his second marriage in deep trouble. >> i don't know why we are fighting for this anymore. >> finally showing his children the truth. >> this is where i grew up. >> reporter: taking them to the building where a depression era kid was raised by prostitutes. >> he is damaged goods in many ways doing the best he can. when don takes his kids to the house he grew uppen and says basically so you know this is what i came from. beaver you pass too much judgment. >> reporter: judgment day approaches. six seasons gone. 78 episode. in a passing kaleidoscope. >> it's not called the wheel. it's called the carousel. >> reporter: we sit down with the original cast and "mad
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men's" creator for an honest talk about a dishonest business. do you have rituals before you read the script? beside wearing the same socks. >> yeah. >> hosiery is very important. >> reporter: the final season. seven episodes starting this weekend. seven more in 2015. >> it is the beginning of the end. but not the end of the end. >> reporter: do you have the last word? >> yeah, i guess i do. ♪ zoobie >> reporter: those episode. flush with glamour, style, the american dream in cigarette smokes, tears, even blood. and the set itself, period perfe perfect. >> if you look at pictures of the time life building. the stripe, the soffet on the ceiling. replication of a real building. >> reporter: matt whiner takes us behind the scenes of sterling, cooper and partners. >> here is a pay phone, something eventually in a museum. >> reporter: the set changing along with the character as they move through the tumultuous
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1960s. >> push button phones from specialty to everywhere. really made the show shorter. because people dialing the phone takes a lot of time. >> reporter: the set filled with treasures. >> this its a nice piece which -- is a movieola. >> no wonder the cast has their eyes on a few of them. >> joan's mosaic, asian landscape. take it home. think of it. >> reporter: we toured joan's apartment. everything true to a woman with big dreams in that time. >> to me it is very joan. it is very feminine. it is bold. >> reporter: though called mad men, the women have always been front and center. >> you look radiant, joan. >> well, i should hope so. >> reporter: joan whose only way to become partner was to sleep with the jaguar executive and win the account. >> i don't know how much longer i can restrain myself. let me see him. >> our audience probably mentions the joan's strength
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most of the time. i really enjoyed playing her vulnerability as well. >> what now? >> i went through all of that for nothing. >> betty, don's beautiful brittle first wife. early on gave us a hint of what she could do. >> i hope that they know that she is always trying to be better. trying to be happy. she is not a bad person. >> do you ever go to matt and say, i want to be, let me be happy. just give me one happy. >> no way, what's fun about that? >> and elizabeth moss as peggy? >> peggy is not a copy writer. she is a secretary. >> reporter: an early crack in the glass ceiling. >> ms. olsen, you are now a junior copywrighter. >> reporter: still always looking at success from the other side of the room. >> it's time for me to move on. >> come on. >> i'm serious. >> she is compartmentalized her life to the point where she is very focused on her work. she had all these missteps in
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her love life. >> oh, my god, oh, my god! >> jesus! >> she believes in love. i think she is optimistic about it. >> every place else i ever worked. what are they really like? what is that person really like? and here i feel like they come up and they're like -- i'm peggy. i'm joan. that was me. >> does allen ever say i'm any pete? >> i do. >> you don't care about the company. you are already rich. >> the actor, this is how he looks in real life. but shaves back his hairline to seem goercolder, predatory. >> i guess i hope they notice his loyalty. and some times his bravery. >> john slattery, playing roger sterling. >> this is a very dirty business. >> a lot of funny things i get to say. >> i love when you whisper like that. >> i don't want that to be the knee-jerk reaction. >> reporter: but the beating
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heart of the prephoto shop portrait is don draper. >> do you look don? >> i love don, i do. don's vulnerability is all way the part that people don't get to see. >> reporter: don drarper, sheltering his secrets and lies. dangerous at work. >> your judgment is impaired. >> shattering the lives of women. john hamm has the heard it all. >> poor betty, poor joan, poor peggy. wait a minute. they're all rich, super successful. like doing what they want to do. all three. >> i beg your pardon? >> they're doing all right. >> do you see how you treat them? >> answer diane! >> ha-ha. >> reporter: after eight years togeth together, the cast is family, close. >> reporter: have you fought? >> sure. it's a family. you know, there is bitterness and all that great [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a family on edge ready to be shocked by what the creator says next. like when their british partner
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lane hanged himself. >> get some one to cut him down. >> reporter: not even the actors knew until the buiitter end. how much do you want to know about the arc towards the head of a pin. >> we have never really known one episode ahead a couple days before we do it. i think we all feel like if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> reporter: after so much has been said and done. >> bravo. >> spectacular. great. >> reporter: we ask for a final word from those present at the creation. just a word. one word. >> thank you. that's two word. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> good job. >> little informal. >> ha-ha. >> we're not really good when we're not written for. >> thanks works. thanks, diane. and "mad men"'s final season premieres this sunday on amc.
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>> a tiny scrap of ancient paper
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is making big waves with some of the most esteemed scholars in the world. fresh debate on an age old question, was jesus married? scientists analyzing a piece of papyrus called gospel of jesus' wife, concluded it almost certainly is ancient and not a fake. harvard divinity professor karen king discovered the fragment in 2012 spurring years of heated debate and tests to verify its awe then t authenticity. why it contains a phrase never before in scripture, jesus said to them, my wife. the latest in a string of recent discoveries giving us more insight into biblical times. >> the first case we have of christians claiming that, that jesus had a wife. >> in fact documents like this helped inspire the davinci code. >> jesus' wife. >> for many biblical scholars it added intriguing new evidence to
1:06 am
what we know as the biblical narrative. they caution it doesn't prove that jesus had a wife. for conspiracy theorists, the find adds more to the mystery of why certain writings were included in the bible. and others left out. and finally tonight, tragic news coming out of california. at least nine people are dead and dozens more injured after a fed-ex truck crossed over the center divide of interstate 5100 miles north of sacramento and crashed head on with a bus. both vehicles burst into the flames. both vehicles burst into the flames. the bus had been driving high eh
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